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Yes! You Can Have a Joyful Organization!

Dr. Donna Marie Cozine

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Leadership Consultant. Using over 26 years of education and superintendence experience to help individuals and organizations make tough decisions, create a joyful culture, and develop and retain enthusiastic leaders.

Dr. Donna Marie Cozine and Dmc Consulting will speak and work with your organization about the following topics:

  • Joyful Educational Leadership

  • Making the “Just Right” Decision

  • GROWING your Leadership Pipeline

  • Yes! You Can Have a Joyful School

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Discover for yourself how working with Dr. Cozine gives you the ultimate advantage.


“Dr. Cozine takes a fresh look at time-honored leadership approaches and provides thought-provoking questions, personal experiences, and activities...”

Nan Westervelt, Education, Arts, and Not for Profit Consultant 

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