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Our Coaching

Become the leader you were meant to be.


On One Coaching

10-weeks of personal coaching with Dr. Donna Marie Cozine to fast-track your leadership success.

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Resource Library

Train. Lead. Grow.

With all the tools and resources you need to become the leader you were meant to be.


IDECIDE Method Program

Make the "Just Right Decision" Every Time using the IDECIDE Method.


Career Coaching

One on one coaching and resources to write attention-grabbing CVs and interview confidently.

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Group Leadership Program

10-weeks of group coaching to effectively lead your organization while living the life you DESERVE!

Sustainable Leadership Pipeline Development

Our experienced coaches will work with your school or district to maximize your leadership pipeline by:

  • Building a system to cultivate talent that ensures your organization's success

  • Developing leaders who can compete in today's educational environment

  • Increasing efficacy in your leaders' abilities to operate at a high level in challenging situations

  • Ensuring your leadership pipeline is both wide and deep while aligned with your organization's mission, vision, and values

Lecture Hall Tutor



Our experts will work with you in an inclusive cohort format to develop your leadership efficacy. 

  • Align your personal mission and the mission of your organization to maximize your impact

  • Determine your core values and uncover the types of position and organizations that match those values

  • Understand your unique character strengths and leverage them to grow your confidence in other areas
  • Learn the different stakeholders and how to develop positive relationships with them

  • Get on the fast track to noticeably level up your leadership



Our experts work with you to determine your next best position. Together, we will accomplish the following:


  • Discover how your personal mission and values impact the positions you seek

  • Create a Curriculum Vitae that highlights your competencies and accomplishments

  • Draft a cover letter that ensures districts call for an interview

  • Engage in mock interviews to strengthen your skills and multiply your confidence

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1:1 Principal & Superintendent Coaching

Our expert coaches will work with principals and superintendents in a personalized setting:

  • Receive specialized support to ensure you function at your highest level of leadership

  • Enjoy coaching sessions tailored to your individual leadership needs

  • Leadership growth from targeted feedback, strategy sessions, and support with your most challenging decisions

  • Techniques to calibrate your lenses to high expectations

  • Targeted focus on optimizing your leadership mindset


The DRIVERS Method Difference

Over the course of eight weeks, whether you choose the group model, hybrid model, or working with me one on one, you will get a powerful thought partner to take you to your NEXT LEVEL of leadership. Emotionally, you need to make some tough decisions, and I would love to help you with that. This system is about getting you LASER-FOCUSED on the action steps YOU NEED TO TAKE to get the JOB YOU REALLY WANT. I want to help you get from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE!


Discover your Mission


Realize your Values


Ignore your Weaknesses and Focus on Growth


Validating Relationships


Engage Organizational Strategies


Reasoning and Analysis to Make Decisions


Self Care 

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Discover for yourself how working with Dr. Cozine gives you the ultimate advantage.


“Dr. Cozine takes a fresh look at time-honored leadership approaches and provides thought-provoking questions, personal experiences, and activities...”

Nan Westervelt, Education, Arts, and Not for Profit Consultant 

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