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We take your organization from where it is to where it needs to be.

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Executive Leadership Search

Hiring the right leader is critical to the health and success of all organizations. We work closely with your organization to identify the type of leader you need to take you to the next level and create a specific approach to make that happen.

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Organizational Culture

Culture or “the way we do things here” is at the heart of every engagement because lasting change must be embedded in the culture. Cultural change is at the heart of our MAGIC.

Leadership Coaching

Executive/Leadership Coaching is a crucial aspect of all successful change initiatives. Leadership is the loneliest job on the planet but the most successful leaders have personal support and guidance from experienced coaches to learn, grow, and see what they might be missing.

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Strategic Planning

New Strategies fail for a host of reasons including a lack of leadership and the over reliance on organizational structures and designs to drive change. Our MAGIC ensures that solutions to the most common pitfalls are considered from the outset and are designed for success.

Team Development

How do we shift organizational culture? We focus on the people and the dynamics that either create or prevent high performance. Employees will make or break any organizational change initiative. We apply our extensive knowledge and expertise to the essential human elements of change.

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Implementation Support

People are at the heart of all organizational success.  A failure to consider the people and culture of an organization is a primary reason why most strategic change initiatives fail.  We know that the MAGIC starts and ends with you and your employees and that knowledge drives all that we do.  

Organizational Wellness

Healthy thriving organizational cultures where employees feel empowered and valued from the top down are crucial to creating long-term success.  As former executives and leaders ourselves, we understand the challenges and have a proven track record in not only helping others but in creating healthy thriving cultures ourselves.

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 Meaningful Discovery


How the MAGIC Happens


Meaningful Discovery

We will not begin until we understand your organization's goals and needs.  We will work with you to better understand the baseline, where you are and where you want to go as well as the views of key stakeholders, challenges, and best practices.


Active Collaboration

While we always bring our successful track record to every engagement, we do not bring one standard solution.  We will work closely with your team to design a custom solution that considers your unique competitive situation, business model, staff, and leadership.


Getting Started

Once we have a solution in mind, we will work with you, hand-in-hand, to provide one-on-one support to the leadership team and group support to key stakeholders and work groups.  We do not simply give you a strategy and leave. We are there to assist you in the execution.


Initiate Evaluation System

Successful change initiatives design systems for monitoring and evaluating the change from the beginning.  The evaluation of how well your custom solution is working for you will be a key aspect of any proposed solution. We will also assist you you in the evaluation to ensure progress toward your goals are being made. We will work with you to identify challenges and opportunities and determine next steps.


Celebrate Success!

Healthy organizational cultures focus on the positive. We assist our client organizations in focusing on their individual and collective strengths and accomplishments not only at the conclusion of the engagement but throughout our time together.


“Dr. Cozine takes a fresh look at time-honored leadership approaches and provides thought-provoking questions, personal experiences, and activities...”

Nan Westervelt, Education, Arts, and Not for Profit Consultant 

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