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Make the "Just Right Decision" Every Time

Use the IDECIDE Method to make hard decisions quickly and more effectively.

The IDECIDE Method

for School Leaders

Learn to make all of your leadership decisions effectively and confidently. Analysis paralysis costs you time, resources, and TONS of energy.

Let’s change this for you!

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Crisis Response

Feel Confident About Your Reasoning

Applicable to Large & Small Decisions

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Advance Your Leadership Skills

Train. Lead. Grow.

As Educational Leaders, hundreds of decisions are thrown at us each day, big and small. Some of those decisions are quick, and easy to check off the yes, or no box. Some, however, are not so cut and dry. If you’ve ever been stuck on a situation and making zero progress forward because you can’t simply make a decision, this is for you.


Take the stress and pain out of decision-making with the IDECIDE method. Dr. Donna Marie Cozine created the IDECIDE decision-making method to help leaders make the “just right decision.” This will help you make hard decisions more effectively and in a timely fashion.

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Dr. Donna Marie



Based upon her decades of experience within education, Dr. Cozine founded Consult DMC Inc. to address many of the issues she personally has faced as a teacher, principal and superintendent. She artfully weaves best practices in education and leadership into her coaching to ensure her clients learn new and proven methods to grow, improve, and THRIVE!

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​Never Struggle to
Make Decisions Again!

The IDECIDE method provides a framework for leaders to make the Just Right Decision. So often, leaders experience analysis paralysis around decision-making because they worry about making the “right decision” or the “wrong decision”. The IDECIDE method focuses on making the Just Right Decision using all of the information at hand.

  • Gain proven tools to level up your leadership

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Cancel anytime

  • IDECIDE Method

    2-Part Video Series For Fast & Effective Decision-Making
    Valid for 2 years
    • Instant access to video trainings.
    • Learn how to eliminate analysis paralysis.
    • Make decisions quickly and comprehensively.
    • Apply this method to all decisions big and small.
    • Make decisions in a way you feel confident about.
    • Learn about analysis paralysis and what it costs your team.
    • Use reason and analysis to make decisions.
    • Focus on your growth more than your weaknesses.
    • Realize your true values.
    • Validate relationships in all areas of your life.

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