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Creating Organizational Culture to Maximize Leader and Employee Performance

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Organizational Culture

Culture or “the way we do things here” is at the heart of every engagement because lasting change must be embedded in the culture. Cultural change is at the heart of our MAGIC.

Team Development

How do we shift organizational culture?

We focus on the people and the dynamics that either create or prevent high performance.

Leadership Coaching

Executive/Leadership Coaching is a crucial aspect of all successful change initiatives.  Leadership is the loneliest job on the planet but the most successful leaders have personal support and guidance from experienced coaches to learn, grow, and see what they might be missing.

Implementation Support

People are at the heart of all organizational success.  A failure to consider the people and culture of an organization is a primary reason why most strategic change initiatives fail.  We know that the MAGIC starts and ends with you and your employees and that knowledge drives all that we do.  

Strategic Planning

New Strategies fail for a host of reasons including a lack of leadership and the over reliance on organizational structures and designs to drive change.  Our MAGIC ensures that solutions to the most common pitfalls are considered from the outset and are designed for success.

Organizational Wellness

Healthy thriving organizational cultures where employees feel empowered and valued from the top down are crucial to creating long-term success.  As former executives and leaders ourselves, we understand the challenges and have a proven track record in not only helping others but in creating healthy thriving cultures ourselves.

The teacher leaders had a meeting in the afternoon,  they commented on how excellent you were. I wanted to reiterate those sentiments. Sometimes a prophet is unwelcome in their own country, you have done what I could not. You have helped this school create a strong central element to guide them moving forward. Thank you.

Matt Driessen, School Superintendent


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Dr. Donna-Marie Cozine

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