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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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🚨 YOUR FINAL NOTICE FOR The Leadership DRIVERS Accelerator is NOW 🚨

6 hours left... ⏰

I will be shutting down enrollment at 5:00 p.m. EST. tonight.

✅ Type the word “YES” below this blog post and I’ll personally send you a message & see if my program is a good match for you.

You’ll get the entire process I have personally used to effectively lead my organization without sacrificing my family, life or sanity, step-by-step for you to follow:

  • Access to self-paced DRIVERS curriculum over 10 weeks

  • Individual reflection and study each week

  • Weekly cohort meetings one hour each week for a group coaching session

  • A network of highly effective, like-minded colleagues

  • Creation of a personalized action plan, assisted by Donna Marie, to ensure that they are able to effectively lead throughout the school year with an eye on developing a positive school culture, effective instructional practices, data-driven decisions, and collaboration among stakeholders.

  • Access to my coaching, as needed by email, text, or call to address any challenges that arise during that time frame

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week for 10 weeks

BONUS: Access to a video library of training that Donna Marie has created, signed copies of 2 books, get a resume review & assistance if you sign on today.

BONUS: Access to private Facebook Community.

BONUS: KOLBE Assessment that will enable you to know how to get more energy from our work.

BONUS: Simple meal plans.

BONUS: Special Gift to help You Implement the Program Steps.


When I re-open The Leadership DRIVERS Accelerator later this year, the price for enrollment will increase.

I’m looking to double the enrollment price.

Which is why I’m giving you a once in a lifetime chance to get all the details today, by simply sending me a response to this blog post saying the word “YES”.

Here's what's really important to understand:

There are always TWO costs with every purchase...

#1.) There's the cost of purchasing… (which is dollars)

#2.) Then, there's the cost of not purchasing…

In the second case, this could look like:

  • Continual feelings of inadequacy

  • ILLNESS such as GI issues, headaches, anxiety, depression

  • Over-eating or under-eating

  • Sleeping too much or not sleeping at all

  • Fighting with your partner

  • Being short tempered

  • Feeling that you cannot go on like this

  • Total lack of interest in doing fun things

  • Lack of engaging with your loved ones

  • Crying….Shaking….

  • Feeling like you hate your life

  • Wondering if this is even worth it anymore

Either way, you're paying a cost.

Remember that.

Again, you can get all the details by sending me a quick message on Facebook messenger or by responding to this blog post before the deadline ends in 6 hours.

✅ Type the word “YES” below this blog post and I’ll personally send you a message to explain all the details & see what it would be like working together on your goals.

See for yourself what I have planned for you in The Leadership DRIVERS Accelerator Program before this goes away tonight.

This is your final notice.

It's time to transform.

Are you ready?


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