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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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Why I Do What I Do

Why I do what I do/Why I love what I am doing now:

I have fully retired as the CEO of the school that I started. I had many, wonderful and fulfilling roles in education since I started in 1994. I learned and achieved a lot. It was time for me to pivot to do two things: focus on my family and focus on helping more leaders grow❤️

I truly believe that the most important job as a leader is to empower and grow more leaders. If we don't do this then who will STEP IN when we STEP OUT? 👠👢👞🥾

The transition has been amazing. Growing leaders is something that I have always done. Putting it together in my first book "So You Want to Be a Superintendent? Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be!" enabled me to really drill down to how I have grown and how I have grown the leadership efficacy of others 🤩

If you are not growing leaders in your organization start right now 🗣

1️⃣Have conversations with your staff members and find out what their aspirations are.

2️⃣Find opportunities for those emerging leaders guessed it...LEAD. Can they run a PD session? How about mentoring a new or struggling teacher? Can they serve on or chair a committee?

3️⃣Support their efforts and their growth. Check-in with them and discuss what they think is going well and what they think they need help with-and repeat.

Before you know it you have created a PIPELINE of leaders who can help your organization achieve its goals!

In love, friendship, and leadership,

P.S. If you would like to know more about how I help leaders like you achieve their goals, check out a free training session here.


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