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When Life Gives You Lemons

Recently I took a spill down a few steps and broke my foot.

Now, there are two ways I could have looked at this situation.

The first is to think about how much it sucks that I am not basically “docked” for 6 weeks…the second way to look at it is to think that I was LUCKY. It so easily could have been so much worse….

Mindset is everything. I have chosen the latter. Yes, I had to cancel a trip to Scottsdale with some really amazing business leaders and friends but that just means it is more time to be with my amazing family.

I have to change some in-person commitments to virtual which is not my preference but because of COVID I’ve gotten really good at the virtual stuff.

This is a good reminder for each of you, too.

Whether it is a personal issue or a professional issue no matter what the situation is you can always find the bright side.

I was recently speaking with one of the women I coach and she was getting ready for an interview. She was going to ask “What are the challenges you think I will face in this position?” I encouraged her to reframe and rephrase that question to “What are the opportunities that will be presented for me in this position?”

Always look at situations as opportunities and not obstacles and you will never go wrong.

In friendship, love, and leadership,


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