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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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WARNING: This is NOT a Theory.

!!ANNOUNCING my new and improved, change YOUR LIFE challenge for Powerful Female Leaders!!

Want my help to effectively lead your organization and lead the life you deserve? We can accomplish this in just a short 10 weeks, with a commitment of one hour per week.

My new system isn’t a theory or something I just learned from another person last month. ⁣

This system was created through trial, error, and years of practice.⁣

In the past 4 years, my system has helped so many women, women just like Jacqueline Simpson:

“I was in a job that just didn’t feel right for me. I focused on Donna Marie’s DRIVERS Method and I realized it was time for me to look for a new position. I used all of what she taught me to seek the right position for me. Now I am the Superintendent for the New York State School for the Blind. I continued my relationship with Donna Marie who now, not only works with me but with my entire leadership team!

💭You may be thinking:⁣

“What if I don’t have the time to invest? Can this still work for me?”⁣🧐🧐

Feeling like you DON’T have time is likely a manifestation of how you are currently working. You’re probably taking on everyone else’s tasks and making them your priority. Trust me if you invest the time now, it will SAVE you HOURS upon HOURS of time later.

This is why I’ve enhanced my program, it is designed to surge my next wave of success stories over the next few months. ⁣

The program is called the “Change YOUR Life Challenge”.⁣

I’m opening up a few more spots over the next 2 weeks.😀🤭

The new Change Your Life Challenge is designed to help you effectively lead your organization AND live the life you deserve, in 10 weeks or less, following me step-by-step, just like the rest of my previous clients have done. ⁣This will only require ONE hour per week of your time and I guarantee that you will GAIN hours upon hours after we've completed our time together.

I will not only teach you how to become energized for your work again but also, how to improve your work-life balance. These changes will last years and years to come. ⁣

With that said, I’m doing something special for my first batch of clients, as a thank you, by giving you $500 in savings before initial enrollment closes on 3/12/23.⁣

If you are interested, simply respond to this blog post and a member of my team will reach out to you.

In friendship, love and leadership,


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