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Top Qualities of a Good Teacher

There are many people who would guess instructional prowess would be at the top of the list of what makes a good teacher, I am not one of them. Teachers have both soft and hard skills that impact their ability to teach. I believe that if not for the appropriate soft skills, students won’t learn as much as they could in their classroom.

A good teacher is relationship-based. The teacher understands that positive interpersonal relationships are the foundation upon which good instruction is built. A good teacher is kind to the students. The teacher doesn’t “call kids out” for their negative behavior in front of others, make an example of a student, or use sarcasm. A good teacher is also reflective. He/She/They is/are able to think about lesson delivery and can adjust either on the fly or in subsequent lessons to ensure the learning objective is met. A good teacher does all things from a place of love; love for the work and for the students. Students feel valued and appreciated. A teacher can always be taught HOW to teach but people don’t change the essence of who they are. If they can’t build relationships, be kind, be reflective, and love their students and what they do then they won’t effectively teach all of their students.

Also, do you think getting feedback from students is good for a teacher?

Students consistently give teachers feedback. Although they aren’t asked to fill out a survey or provide written feedback, the way they act toward teachers speaks volumes. How students react to their teachers tells a lot about the teacher. I have found that students tend to be spot on with their feelings about teachers. When I’ve had a student in my office who has said the teacher “doesn’t like me.” The students usually have evidence to support that. Children are savvy and know the teachers who are supportive of them, hold them accountable, and are relatable. If anyone doubts me then they should think back to their favorite teacher ever. Do you remember how they taught you or how they made you feel?

Other than that, what qualities do you think a teacher should have which will play an important role for students?

Teachers who embody the phrase “on your case and on your side” tend to make the most impact on children. They hold children accountable to reach their goals and support them every step of the way.

Drop a comment to let us know what else YOU think makes a great teacher!

In love, leadership, and friendship,


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