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Tips to Achieving Goals

So last August I bought this Bible with the intention of reading it cover to cover. I bought the tabs so I could easily find the sections. My nephew, Jimmy, cautioned me that " Auntie just because you make the Bible look good doesn't mean you'll read it. "

A few years back I actually bought a book about how to read the Bible in a year! WHAT? But I digress.

I spoke with Jimmy again last week and he shared that I should start with the New Testament because I was getting all sorts of caught up in the Old Testament. He also said if I read 10 chapters a night I'll be through the entire Bible in three months....totally manageable.

So I started but I made a deal with myself. You see this is a coloring Bible.....yes!!!! I can color it which I love to do!

So here is the deal, when I finish a book I can color the drawings found in that book. I have been reading regularly...not 10 chapters every night but I am getting there.

What does this mean for your life you ask? Well, sometimes you start a task that seems daunting. You may be nearly 49 and realize you haven't achieved a task or goal you set (like little old me)'s ok reset and follow the steps below:

1. Verbalize your goal to someone you love.

2. Set achievable and actionable "chunks" to get you to the final goal.

3. Celebrate your successes and reward yourself.

Repeat 2 and 3 until done.

In friendship, love, and leadership,


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