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Three Things To Do Right Now If You Want to Uplevel Your Career

If you’ve been looking to uplevel your career and haven’t been able to get an interview or an offer do these three things right now:

Take your resume and turn it into a Curriculum Vitae. Have you talked about what you’ve accomplished as opposed to the tasks you’ve done? Are you highlight your competencies and not the positions? Share it with someone who actually HIRES educational leaders and ask for feedback.

Read your cover letter as if you were reading it for someone who was hiring. Is it strong enough for them to offer you an interview? Have you highlighted why YOU deserve to be interviewed? Have you shown them that you know about their needs and how you are a match?

Practice, practice, practice interviewing with someone who hired educational leaders. If you practice with your friend, mom, or sister who isn’t in the field you’ll likely knock their socks off but that’s not whose socks need to be knocked off :-)

In friendship, love and leadership,


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