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This would have derailed my day in previous years...

I remember the days when I would not have been going with the flow...

Today I called a local haircut place and "got on their list" for 2 haircuts at 12:40. In the past when we arrived, they reminded us that it's not actually an appointment we are just on their list....ok.....

We got caught at a light and rolled in 5 minutes late. I was told, we won't be able to get both of the cuts in because you're late and we took other people....ok...

Juliet said, "just get Theo a cut I'll be ok." So I said, "you can take my son." They took Theo back and say I can bring Juliet back after 6.

At 12:50 one of the other stylists was done with her cut and the manager left with her wallet, they book every 20 minutes.

At this point. I was not sure why someone didn't take Juliet. This is a no-frills place, they don't even wash the hair if you don't want it washed. We're talking a 15-minute cut.

Two more people come in and check in and they finish Theo's cut. I say to Juliet, "Your hair looks fine, we can come for a trim this weekend." "Yeah sure, no problem Mom."

I paid, we left, and then we went out to lunch.

A few years back that would have probably ruined my day.

I would have perseverated on the fact that if I get there and they are running behind I have to wait but if I am slightly running behind I get the boot.

I would have been frustrated that both of my kids didn't get their hair cut.

I would have picked apart the inefficiency of how the salon was run.

I was running on empty, doing too much, trying to shove 26 hours of work into each day, and because of that, there was no room for error.

That was all before I finally figured out how to Lead my Organization and Still Have the Life I Deserve and it is what I teach the leaders with whom I work.

It changed my life, the lives of those I love, and the lives of those on my leadership team, and can change yours for the better too!

If you're interested in how I help leaders and their teams effectively lead while still living the lives they DESERVE, fill out this form and a member of my team will be in touch with you to schedule a brief call.

In friendship, love and leadership,


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