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The Surprising Reason You are Feeling Burned Out and What You Can Do About It

Yes, we’ve all been there. Feeling on the brink of burnout. What is it that causes this, is it one thing or many?

Well, that’s a tricky question. There are many different assessments that will provide you profiles of how you work and what type of things work for you. I have done many of them and honestly one thing always comes back to me. If we LISTEN to what our BODIES are SAYING and respond accordingly we are less likely to feel the effects of burnout.

So... what does this look like?

You know when you have to complete a task but just feel like you don’t know how to do it. Ask yourself…am I having trouble because I don’t WANT to do this or because I don’t KNOW HOW to do this?

If it’s the first, walk away for a few minutes, change your perspective and then come back to it. Not all tasks can be pushed off but if you change your perspective and, often, your physical position, you’ll be able to come back to it with a fresh set of eyes.

If it’s the second then brainstorm different ways that you can do to accomplish it. If you can’t think of many ways, enlist a colleague to brainstorm with you. Which of these feel the best for you?

It may also look like this:

You come home from work and you are...

1. Thinking about what to make for dinner and don’t feel like making anything…..order in.

2. Tired?…take a power nap.

3. Your body aches….take a hot tub with epsom salt and then stretch

Listen to your body, it is telling you what you need….do it.

I’d love for you to really LISTEN to your BODY this week and respond to this post with what it told you that you needed and what you did about it.

In Friendship, Love and Leadership,


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