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Sometimes... It's Too Late.

I’ve been reflecting lately on the amazing women that I have had to pleasure of supporting and I have found a few commonalities:

Some of these women followed me for a long time and took advantage of my free resources for a WHILE before getting on a call with me.

All of the women waited to get on a call until they were nearly at rock bottom, one woman's hair was falling out, another was dreading returning to work after an extended medical leave, and yet another had been on over 11 interviews with no callbacks….I have many examples like this.

They ALL were able to achieve their goals and were much happier with their work and home lives because of our work together.

Sadly, I’ve chatted with women who I know NEED my help but they just don’t take the leap. One reached out recently to let me know she was leaving her job mid-year with no job lined up and wasn’t sure she was even going to stay in education….what a loss! :(

I began to wonder why it has to be SO bad before people relent and find support.

We would never allow the people we lead to suffer as we allow ourselves to. We need to get the support we need in order to continue to be successful.

I think it comes down to the following lies that we tell ourselves:

It is what it is…..

I signed up for this….

I am doing everything I can and it is still not changing, so I’ve resigned myself to this life

It’s not THAT bad, I only cried once today.

My sister leader, if that is you get on a call with me so we can see if I can help you. Living like this is not the life you deserve or want.

Don’t let it go so long that you are at a point where you quit your job or decide your current career isn’t for you. Your family, your school, and your community need you and your genius.

To learn more about how I'm able to help you TODAY, hop over to my website, or free Facebook community. :)

In friendship, love, and leadership,


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