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Meet Mrs. Rhianon Tobeck

I first hired Rhiannon as our elementary art teacher.

It soon became obvious that she had leadership ability and organization skills that would greatly benefit the school. When the position of Director of Arts opened up and she applied it became quickly obvious that she was the right choice.

During our time together Rhiannon and I worked on the soft skills of leadership.

She was already well-liked and respected by her team but when one goes from colleague to supervisor there could be some difficulty. In our weekly meetings, we focused on her Leadership DRIVERS and tracked her growth by way of goal setting.

Rhiannon grew so much in her role that I was able to provide her with more responsibilities around our school’s technology program. She now manages a budget of over $150,000 and does so stellarly.

She is an invaluable member of the leadership team and the school’s arts program is stronger than ever.

When asked to reflect upon our work together Rhiannon said, “She is solutions-oriented and that has really helped me to become a solutions-oriented leader, too."

I am so honored to have been a part of Rhiannon’s growth.

  • Mrs. Tobeck was a visual arts teacher. When the position of Director of Arts opened up she applied for the position. She had no leadership experience nor did she have formal education in leadership.

  • In the few short years that we have worked together, Mrs.Tobeck has evolved in her skills and is now the Director of Arts and Technology for her organization.

  • She has taken on more roles as a leader and has grown her abilities around observation and feedback tremendously.

  • She oversees a department of 14 staff members and has nurtured and created a culture in which everyone feels valued and is happy.

  • Recently she was given more responsibilities in managing the school’s technology and is now the Director of Arts and Technology.

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