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Managing Relationships With Your Superiors

When we think of managing relationships with our superiors, our minds go to respect immediately. This is the key to unlocking the door to all that follows. When you have an open and respectful relationship with your superiors, you then can give and accept feedback, be open and honest with them, and THAT'S when the magic happens. You may say something to them that they otherwise would have never even thought of on their own. Then, you have solved a whole list of problems just by having a respectful relationship.

But of course, in leadership, comes turnover. This means we must learn how to deal with varying personality types. There will be people that you just do not mesh with. So the question remains, now what? What do you do when you run into a fellow leader who you do not mesh with at all? Well, there are several things.

ONE: You could seek a new role. If someone is breaking you day after day and the relationship isn't improving, this is what most of us go to.

TWO: Try to connect through your mutual goals for the organization. Your individual goals should connect and align with the goals of the organization.

Three: Meet regularly. This will help you to "backward map" which is a fancy term for making sure the things you were supposed to get done, are done, and to plan future goals and tasks. Communicate often and with honesty.

I hope that this will help someone out there solve a problem that may otherwise be unresolved.

In love, friendship, and leadership,


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