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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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Level UP!

Over the past twelve years, I have worked in three urban high schools, for the College Board in its College Board Schools division, and founded the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts in Rochester, NY. I think that leading a charter school was my absolute favorite. I’ve been able to manage and train a group of dedicated and motivated Educational Leaders, and some of them were on their way to GREATNESS! The problem was, at the beginning of their leadership journey they weren’t LEADING. They weren’t bought into the system, and they weren’t making AN IMPACT.

One of those people that struggled to lead, and make an impact, moved from an Assistant Principal to a Principal after working with me. All he ever wanted was to be a great, transformational leader. He had years of experience in education and had been trained by some of the best leaders, but there was something missing.

His issue, which prevented his promotion, was his lack of confidence. He lacked confidence because he was afraid that because of his lack of content knowledge, he couldn’t be an educational leader and provide meaningful feedback to his teachers about what was and wasn’t going well in the classroom.

By following the Leadership DRIVERS System, ignoring his weaknesses, focusing on his goals, by learning to search for answers, finding his competencies, and trusting the process, he became more confident and eventually, ready to take on the responsibilities of the Leadership.

You need two things in order to be a TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER:



If you have read this far, you have taken action, and we are so proud of you!

My method is really about honing your REFLECTION and helping you to be more decisive, efficient, and confident in your skills and abilities. I am excited to get started and go all-in with you to help you LEVEL UP your LEADERSHIP!

Respond to this blog post if you'd like to learn more about how I can help you level up your leadership.

In friendship, love and leadership,

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