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It's That Time of Year Again...

Did you know that many students experience summer learning loss each summer vacation, a time when some of the academic gains they made all year are lost?

Would you be surprised to know that many parents are not aware of it or how to fight it?

The study School's Out: The Role of Summers in Understanding Achievement Disparities found that the average student lost 17–34% of the prior year's learning gains during summer break, as well as that, students who lose ground in one summer are more likely to also lose ground in subsequent summers. It is so important to understand the summer slide and why it happens.

Research on summer learning loss indicates that 2 months of reading skills and 1.5 months of math skills are lost over one summer break. Over time this learning loss is cumulative and will negatively impact students' overall academic performance.

Things parents can do to help their children fight the summer slide include but are not limited to:

o Creating Family Meals

o Family Game Night

o Staycations and Road Trips

o Card Games that help build math fluency

o And so many more.

Don't forget that summer learning can be a fun family affair!

In love, friendship, and leadership,


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