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It's Okay To Take A Break From The Grind

It's okay to take a day off. I was speaking with a school leader recently who was telling me how stressed out she was. She had not taken any days off, in over two years. I felt such empathy for her because I totally had been there.

I told her this story to help her realize that it is okay to take time for herself. I was at a board meeting and it had been over two years since I started planning and opening the school and I had taken exactly two days off...TWO DAYS. I had a 2-year-old at home and my 4-year-old was a student at the school. I was talking about this before a board meeting and one of the board members said, "This is not okay. You have to take a vacation with your family. You are burning out."

I thought I couldn't take time off because there was never a good time. I couldn't do summer because it was my husband's busy season AND I was getting the school ready. I couldn't go during Christmas break because....I just kept having excuses. You know the stories we tell ourselves that we would NEVER tell those who report to us. I am thankful to the board member who listened to my excuses and then said how about October? I never thought about October because school was in session. October turned out to be the best time. My school leadership was in place, the school was running really well and I could step away with my family.

From 2015 on, the fall was the time that my family went away for family time. I went home and said, "The board said I need to take a vacation in October." Within one day my husband had an amazing family trip planned. We need to realize that we can lead our organizations AND live the lives we deserve. This is what I help leaders achieve.

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