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Insanity: Doing the Same Things Over and Over Again and Expecting a Different Result

Recently I was speaking with one of my clients and the topic was making changes to better our lives.

When we reflected upon how we USED to do things it was like Groundhog’s Day. Wake up, struggle to get everything done, complain about it, go home exhausted, collapse onto the couch, have no energy for our families, and go to bed. 😩

We would wake up the next day and do it all over again and hope that things would be better.🆘

Well, my friends, that is the definition of insanity.

You see, for many of us, we were taught that if we just worked harder and longer we would be more successful. After all, for many of us that worked for A WHILE.

The problem is that when it doesn’t work anymore we’ve got nothing in our bag of tricks to help us change that reality.

That’s exactly what happened to me and I find it happens with a lot of the women with whom I choose to work.

This begins a spiral….no tools, things don’t change, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome, fighting with our loved ones, having no patience with the same loved ones, starting to hate our jobs, and sometimes starting to hate our home life too.

This is NO WAY to live. We have only one life to live and it should be one of JOY, not PAIN…and believe me for those of you who are there... it is PAIN.

I am thankful that through my own study, mentorship, life changes, and coaching I learned how to STOP THE INSANITY (if you’re around my age you see a woman with short white hair screaming that iykyk) 🙂

I am blessed that it has been put on my heart to help 100 women this year STOP THE downward spiral using real tools.🤩

Trust me, sister leader, we can HOPE all we want but HOPE is not a STRATEGY.💯

STRATEGY involves reflection, planning, goal setting, and accountability.🪞🪞

Want to learn more? Respond to this post and we can get you on a quick call. 💬💬

BONUS: Most of my clients get their schools or districts to pay for part or all of my services. I walk my clients through how to approach their organizations and it has been very successful.😘

In friendship, love, and leadership,


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