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If you Want Something Done Right Do It Yourself….Right?

Recently I was in Dunkin Donuts picking up a cup of tea. I heard two gentlemen talking and one said to the other, “If you want something done right do it yourself.” The other said, “Yup, that old adage always holds true.”

I didn’t insert myself in their conversation but thought, that’s not exactly true. It is more like “If you want something done EXACTLY how you would do it, do it yourself.” 💯💯

You see when you are a leader you simply can’t do it all yourself and you shouldn’t be doing everything. You should be developing people within your organization to complete tasks up to your standards. You should be hiring people who are more skilled at you in the aspects of their job.

Let me use a car example. If my car needs new brakes I am NOT the person to do it correctly. I know who to call to get it done correctly though. I have no problem using my resources.🙌

Leaders who adopt the mindset of those men in Dunkin Donuts will become micromanagers and burn themselves out. They won’t grow teams of leaders and their organization will stagnate.👎

What’s one thing in your organization that you should be passing on to someone else but you are too afraid to let go of. Drop a comment below and I’ll help you shift your paradigm.✨

In Friendship, love and leadership,


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