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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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I know you are wondering...

If you didn’t know, last year I fully retired as the CEO of the school that I started.

I had many, wonderful and fulfilling roles in education since I started in 1994. I learned and achieved a lot.

It was time for me to pivot to do two things: focus on my family and focus on growing more leaders. ❤️

I truly believe that THE most important job as a leader is to empower and grow more leaders. If we don't do this then who will STEP IN when we STEP OUT? 👠👢👞🥾

The transition has been amazing.

Growing leaders is something that I have always done.

Putting it together in my first book "So You Want to Be a Superintendent? Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be!" enabled me to really drill down to how I have grown and how I have grown the leadership efficacy of others. 🤩

If you are not growing leaders in our organization start right now 🗣

1️⃣ Have conversations with your staff members and find out what their aspirations are.

2️⃣ Find opportunities for those emerging leaders guessed it...LEAD. Can they run a PD session, how about mentoring a new or struggling teacher, can they serve on or chair a committee?

3️⃣ Support their efforts and their growth. Check in with them and discuss what they think is going well and what they think they need help with.

And Repeat....

Before you know it you have created a PIPELINE!

Need help doing this?

Fill out this form and a member of my team will be in contact with you to see if we are a fit for you or your organization.

In friendship, love and leadership,


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