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How to NOT Sacrifice Your Family to Lead Your District or School

I know as educational leaders sometimes it feels like it is either our work or our family but it does NOT need to be that way. There ARE ways to keep your life more in-balance.

Here are some tips:

❤️ Establish boundaries with all of your stakeholders. UMMM, no it is NOT ok for your board chairperson to call you at 10:00 at night to "run something by you"

❤️ When you're home, be present. Put your computer away and your phone down, it will be there in the morning.

❤️ Spend time with your loved ones, schedule 1-2 activities a week. Family movie night, family game night, daughter date, son date, partner date, dance party. The options are endless. Your family will thank you and you will be better at your job because of the work-life balance.

TRUST ME.....these tips saved me and they will save you too.

In friendship, love, and leadership,

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