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How I've Simplified Creating Building-Wide Goals

When I started as an administrator I had big goals and even bigger plans. What I didn't anticipate is that I needed the buy-in of others to help me reach those goals. I would set a goal in isolation and then think the school would reach that goal....I am not sure if I thought osmosis would take care of it or not 😂🤣

So this is what I figured out:

1️⃣ A goal cannot be set in silos. Goals must be based on data, be SMART, and be something your staff can get behind. If you think something is important but haven't made the staff feel the importance, the goal, more than likely, will not be met.

2️⃣ Goals must be communicated in a way that makes sense to everyone. They must FEEL the why behind the goal. An example of this would be: "By June 2023 95% of our 5th graders will score 5% better on their final assessment than they did on their midterms." WHY is that important? Be sure that the teachers understand why it is important that as a school, you are trying to achieve that goal.

3️⃣ Don't set too many goals at once. If you set too many goals-your resources, time, and attention will be split in too many directions. It will be difficult to meet all of the goals if you have too many of them. (Also, it just makes people CRAZY)

4️⃣ Monitor your goals regularly. Make sure you and your team are held accountable. What data will you use? How will you disaggregate it? When will you discuss it? This should be done individually and with your team. Brainstorm collectively how you can leverage your resources to continue seeing growth.

5️⃣ CELEBRATE growth. As you monitor the goals, shout out the growth and make it PUBLIC! Be the biggest and loudest cheerleader for the growth that your students, teachers, and entire team are making! Hope these tips helped. If you have other ideas drop them below so we can all grow together!

In love, leadership, and friendship,

P.S. If you would like to know more about how I help leaders like you achieve their goals, check out a free training session here.



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