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How I Grew My Leadership Team

The best legacy that I left when I stepped down as the CEO was my school leadership team.

I had 11 people who served in a variety of leadership positions. Seven of them served in positions into which they grew over time. 😍

When I started a school, it was pretty much just me. As the school began I realized I needed to empower more people and distribute leadership.🕵️

What I had been doing was just NOT SUSTAINABLE.

Here is how I built an amazing team:

1. Find people who are BETTER than you. Yes, you read that correctly. Figure out what areas of your program where you aren’t an expert in and find someone who is. 💞

2. Empower those who are BETTER than you to take action to support the teachers and staff. Create positions if you need to! 💪

3. Invest in the growth of those people to GROW their leadership. 👩‍🏫

4. TRUST them to complete their tasks with quality.🎖

Be CLEAR with your expectations ‼️ VOILA, you are growing your team 🙂

In friendship, love and leadership,


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