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How I Grew My Leadership Team

The best legacy that I left when I stepped down as the CEO of my school, was the leadership team.

I had 11 people who served in a variety of leadership positions. Of them, seven served in positions into which they grew, over time😍 When I started the school it was pretty much just me. As the school began, I realized I needed to empower more people and distribute leadership. What I had been doing was just NOT sustainable.

Here is how I built this amazing team:

1. Find people who are better at specific tasks than you. Yes, you read that correctly. Figure out what areas of your program you aren't an expert in, and find someone who is💞

2. Empower those who are better at those tasks than you to take action to support the teachers and staff. Create positions if you need to! 💪

3. Invest in the growth of those people to grow their leadership. 👩‍🏫

4. Trust them to produce quality results!

5. Be clear with your expectations! VOILA, you are growing your team 🙂

In friendship, love, and leadership,

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