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Fear Is A Liar

FEAR: The biggest killer of our dreams. When we are faced with it, our first reaction is to fold and let it take over. I'm here to help you get good at laughing at fearful thoughts and saying, "I know what this is, this is fear and I'm not going to be paralyzed by it. I'm going to move past the fear."

I'll give you an example. When I was an Assistant Principal, I had to get up and talk in front of the parents of a building of 670 pupils. I got up there. I was really scared; terrified even. I got up there and I actually was presenting and then all of the sudden I said, "Oh excuse me, I'm sorry I'm just a little nervous tonight." I finished my presentation, sat down and the principal said to me, "Never say that again." And I was like, "What do you mean?" He says, ''You have nothing to fear, presenting to parents, and when you say that you are calling out a question of your own credibility, acting as if you aren't sure of yourself and your abilities." I was like, yeah, you know, he's right.

The point: no one knew I was worried until I called it out. Knowing that fact, and the principal calling me out, really put that into perspective for me. Now, I have the confidence to talk in front of a giant stadium filled with people. But, at first, it was something that I feared and then I realized this fear is just trying to take me down a path I have no desire to go down.

So, when you're experiencing fear as a leader I want you to remember a couple of things:

1) If you didn't deserve to be there, you wouldn't.

2) Nobody expects you to know everything.

3) Use opportunities where you aren't knowledgeable or confident on a subject to become knowledgeable about it.

Whatever it is that you're fearing about or during your leadership journey is a diversion. That's all it is, is a diversion. Stay on your path. Be honest. Be forward-thinking. Be competent and inspiring and others will respect you, admire you and willingly follow.

In love, friendship, and leadership,


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