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Don't Catch the Ball

As I met with one of the Superintendents that I coach today, we talked about that sneaky little reptilian brain that reacts when we feel challenged, endangered, or just plain angered. It tells us to fight, flee, or freeze. It is nature's way of keeping us safe.

We talked about how as leaders we educate our teachers not to engage with a heightened student until both of them are calm. We also need the reminder ourselves. DO NOT ENGAGE or as my mother would say DON'T CATCH THE BALL!

When you feel that reptilian brain firing take time to calm down and reflect.

What is it that you are really upset about?

Is it that serious i.e. is it a stick in the eye?

Can this be brought to a resolution that will make both you and the other person happy? You don't (and shouldn't) have to address any situation like this right away, take time until you are ready. "I know you would like to address this right now I am not able to do that right now. Let's meet tomorrow."

Trust me, this will help you to NOT make a bad leadership move. I've been there and still, I can make the mistake of speaking when the reptilian brain is firing. I usually catch myself and send a mea culpa after but it is better to catch yourself BEFORE.

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In love, friendship, and leadership,


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