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Count Your Blessings

Count your Blessings!

When I look back on when I was overworked, exhausted, and stressed out ALL THE TIME, I realized that all of the ways that I had been blessed were trapped behind the noise.

The constant pull was weighing me down and all I thought about was what was WRONG and never about all of the things that were RIGHT.

Do you relate to this? Maybe you never even considered it.

Sometimes we don’t realize these things until we are no longer in the midst of them OR when they are pointed out to us by a friend.

Well, today I am THAT friend.

Something changed when I started focusing on gratitude. My whole mindset shifted from WRONG to RIGHT/GOOD/AMAZING.

If we spend our time looking for things that are WRONG we will find them.

If we spend our time looking for things that are RIGHT, you’ll find those too.

So, how are you spending YOUR time?

Today in my coaching cohort we ended our time together with a gratitude practice that you all can do. Saying something for which we are grateful.

Underneath this post in the comments, write down one thing that you are grateful for!

If you do this when you wake up and when you go to bed it will change something in you for the BETTER.

Here’s the catch:

You can’t repeat things. So you can’t be thankful for your family more than once.

Dig deep and find other things in your life that make you grateful and give you JOY.

I’ll go first:

I am grateful for the most recent time away with my husband. It turns out that not only do I love him but I still really do like him.

In friendship, love and leadership,


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