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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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An Offer For YOU!!

Hey Sister Leaders! If you’re in my private facebook group, then you know that focusing on work-life balance is important to you. Well, it’s critically important to me too because I had absolutely NO work-life balance!

“We didn’t sign up for this.”

Yup, my husband said this to me one night that I was working incessantly and not giving back to the family.😞

“What?” I said.

“The kids and I did not sign up for you to be working around the clock and not being present for us. We had children so we could have a family.”

Holy cow, the man who has supported me in every step of every journey I have taken, has called me out. I never thought of how my being a workaholic impacted my family.

He was right, my family who deserves the BEST of me was only getting the REST of me.👎👎

I vowed that night to leverage all of my experiences, knowledge, and skills to figure this out.

To learn how to go from an overworked burned-out Superintendent to one who loved her job again AND was the mother and wife she was meant to be.

I figured it out and put it all together in my first Amazon Best Selling Book “So, You Want to be a Superintendent? Become the Leader you were Meant to Be!” 📚

What I figured out changed my life and now I help POWERFUL FEMALE LEADERS LIKE YOU focus on their leadership and that of their teams so that they can move from a burned-out, exhausted leader to one who loves her job and her family time again. 🔥🔥

⁣If you have ever wanted to work closely together with me, to go from being burnt out and exhausted to loving your job and having time for your family again, then I have a special offer for you. 🫶🫶

Click on the link below to learn more. 👇👇⁣

In friendship, love and leadership,


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