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3 Things to STOP doing RIGHT NOW if you want to WORK LESS and get MORE DONE

3 Things to STOP doing RIGHT NOW if you want to WORK LESS and get MORE DONE

1. Stop doing other people’s work. So I was the queen of swooping in and doing other people’s jobs. I am all about efficiency and at times I thought I can just do it faster and take it off their plate. So, that is a HARD NO…don’t do it. All you are doing is enabling others to work without urgency and adding more things to your plate. 👩‍🏫👩‍💼

2. How many times are you faced with the question “Got a Minute?” during the day? The truth is it NEVER IS a minute. I used to always stop in my tracks and say sure. This derailed me more times than not. Here’s how I handled this when I was asked the question, “Actually I am running to meet with another staff member, if your question is a quick yes or no I can answer it now. If it is not, I want to be sure I give you enough time to honor your concern so why don’t you check with my assistant and set up an appointment.” ⌚️

3. Working Ad Infinitum will not make you more efficient it will likely make you less efficient. Do yourself a favor and set a time limit for each task. I know this sounds counterintuitive but if you know you have a set amount of time to get a task done you will work more efficiently to complete it.

📩📥📤📪📫📅 What other tips do you have to share with others or which one are you going to incorporate into your day? ❤️

In friendship, love and leadership,


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