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What Work/Life Balance Looks Like For Me Now

I know many of you are thinking Work-Life Balance HA, there is no such thing. I assure you it is a thing and something you should have. This was me, at 6:30 at night during the week in 2012, when I was heading out to a meeting. My children were 3 and 1 and I was creating a brand new school. I learned a lot as the CEO of that organization but the most important lesson was how to have a work-life balance.

Here are some of the things I have learned:

Take your vacation days and go on vacation or do a stay-cation with your family. There will always be work to do, don't wait until you can "getaway." Just GET AWAY! 🏝

If you have small kids, go on their field trips. Take personal time to do things at your kids' schools. 🚌

Have a date night with your significant other at least once a week.

Put your kids to bed, read to them, snuggle with them.

Leave work at a reasonable hour. If you need to stay late, pick one day a week so your family can plan around it 📅

Practice Self-Care. Know your triggers and the warning signs that you are overwhelmed.

Be proactive about your health and wellness.

Some other easy, daily activities that I like to incorporate include: talking to a trusted friend. Hot baths with Epsom salt. A hot cup of tea. Working out. Swimming. Listening to and singing great music. Nourishing sleep.

What will you try?

In love, leadership, and friendship,

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