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One More Chance

This past week has been incredible - but it’s about to get even better.

The investment on my Change Your Life Challenge was supposed to go up this past week.

I’ve had three people take advantage of the savings and get started right away to begin leading their organization effectively while living the life they deserve.

But since yesterday, I still had quite a few people reaching out to me asking if they could still book a call to get started. ☎️

Trust me, I get it. My calendar has been MAXED out the past week with so many people asking for details. Calls were limited.

So this morning, I realized something…

I have waaay more ambitious female educational leaders who didn’t have a chance to speak with me because of the limited spots on my calendar.📆

It took me by surprise, actually.

So I’ve decided to do 2 things:

#1.) I’m extending my savings offer until this 3/13/23 - before my coaching program officially goes up in price for good.

I want to ensure I can help everybody who didn’t get a chance to book a good call time for them.

#2.) This is a little nuts, but for the people who enroll into my program between today and 3/14/23, I’m going to give you a half-day workshop with myself and the rest of my clients to help you personally implement my system, answer any initial questions, and ensure you hit the ground running fast.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

This half-day workshop will be conducted soon after enrollment closes and you’ll be invited to join right after you secure your spot in my program before 3/14/23.

This is my extended “no excuses” offer.💯💯

If you missed your chance last week, I get it. Booking times were limited. I was slammed with messages and calls.

But if you miss this week, it’s over.

I even expanded my calendar spots to open up more availability.

So when you get started this week - you’ll get huge savings, an extra month of free coaching, unlimited 1:1 support in my private Facebook group, and a guarantee that you will be able to effectively lead your organization AND live the life you deserve by the time you finish, 2 live weekly coaching calls, 1-on 1 calls with me directly, AND now, a half-day workshop with myself and my first batch of clients to kick off your experience the right way.🚀🚀

If you didn’t know, every week, you’ll be invited to attend my two live weekly training classes where I cover every area you’ll need to win big:

🌟Creating Healthy Boundaries

🌟Compartmentalizing: Keeping School at School

🌟Shutting off Your Brain

🌟Real Self-Care