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Be the leader you were meant to be. 

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This could be a huge week for some of you reading this.

The kind of week you look back as a pivotal TURNING POINT in your LIFE!

Now, I know that's a big promise.

But I can deliver - so stick with me for 1 min & read this entire post or you’ll miss your chance before it goes away.

Let me explain:

8 Years ago, I had a serious problem going on while leading the charter school that I founded and being present for my family.

Without going into the full drama, I basically was failing as both the leader of my school AND as a partner and parent.

It was awful. One day as I was working incessantly at my computer my husband told me that he and my children “did not sign up for this (life!).....” I knew at that moment I HAD to make some changes or all that I wanted and valued in life could be lost.

And then BAM, it happened.

During this difficult time, I began changing the way that I approached my work and home life. I outlined my DRIVERS System that I hoped and prayed would ENABLE ME TO EFFECTIVELY LEAD MY ORGANIZATION WITHOUT LOSING MY FAMILY, MY LIFE, OR MY SANITY!

I thought to myself, "This better work!”

But when you are desperate enough and have your back against the wall - you’re open to any possibility, no matter what it takes.

Well, I’ll tell you right now….

… I’m sooo thankful I opened up my eyes and committed myself to this solution because today - I am able to be the leader I was meant to be while still living the life I DESERVE!

Because of that decision, my life, my relationships, and my feelings of self-worth have completely transformed.

But I'm going to be upfront.

I really wanted to change.

And I worked really hard to solve it.

This wasn’t some magic pill.

I spent over $100,000 and years on graduate school, training, mentorship, books, and events trying to figure out how to make this work.

And then almost out of nowhere, I cracked the code...

For the first time in my life, I was actually able to be totally present with my family without worrying about all of the work I wasn’t doing.

It felt so liberating.

If you haven't experienced that liberating feeling yet.....just wait till you experience it.

I felt lighter, I was happier, I was more effective, I was more patient and I was MORE LOVING to those who need me the most.

All because of one decision I made, in a single moment.

I went from feeling sucker-punched in the stomach by life to finally feeling like I was the leader my school community needed me to be and the wife and mother my family needed me to be. It was liberating!

So here’s the deal:

I want to share this discovery with a few select members inside of this group.

After putting this all together behind the scenes - I have something amazing to show you.

So right now, to celebrate this life-changing discovery I struggled with for so.many.years, I am doing something incredibly unique for a FEW SELECT WOMEN.

I'm going to give a few people reading this right now a major advantage that I wish I had when I first started.

And I promise, I created this to literally knock your socks off.

But here's the problem:

This will only be available for a limited number of people.


Because when you hear the real world value, and personal guidance I’m going to provide these few people…

… you will immediately understand why it’s limited by how much personal time and money I’ll be investing into making this a high-impact, transformational experience.

So here’s what to do next:

I am not able to give any more juicy details on this post - but if you’re interested in hearing more - type the word “YES” below this post and I’ll personally send you a private Facebook message so we can schedule a quick call to see if this solution is a good fit for you.

Since this is only for a limited number of people, and I’ll be working with you very closely, I’d love to introduce myself, answer all your questions, & make sure you’re a good match for this.

And because it’s “first come, first serve” on these calls - everybody who’s first to type “YES” below - will get first pick to my call schedule availability...

... and if we’re a good match by the end of the call…

… you’ll also get a priority invite before anybody else, to lock in your spot with the rest of this exclusive group.

Once the deadline ends, this offer will go away & I’ll be taking down this post on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST.

So to get the details today, follow these directions exactly:

#1- Type YES below this blog post…

#2- You'll get an invitation link to my private facebook community. Then, look out for a private Facebook message from myself or my team shortly & we’ll find a good time to personally chat. If you don’t see my message in your main Facebook inbox soon, check your ‘message request’ folder because it sometimes lands in there.

Don't delay, I have a serious vision and strategy to share with you that worked incredibly well for me.

If you are ready to be ‘first-in-line’ to hear about all the details…

Follow the 2 steps above & see for yourself.

I truly believe you’re going to love it.

Chat soon.


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