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Dr. Donna Marie Cozine created DMC Consulting with the mission to empower and equip educational leaders with the tools, skills, resources, and confidence that educational professionals need to get educational leadership jobs, and to learn the core competencies and soft skills that they need to excel in those positions of responsibility.

Over the past 12 years Dr. Cozine has honed her own leadership skills and helped many others grow their own, as the founder and Chief Educational Officer of the Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts, and as a coach and manager for the College Board Schools Division. From this work she has created the Leadership DRIVERS system. The elements of this program have helped others level up from teacher to assistant principal, assistant principal to principal, and principal to superintendent.

Donna Marie started her journey into being an entrepreneur by writing her first book, So You Want to Be a Superintendent? Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be. In this book she outlined her 7 leadership principles: Determining your Mission, Realizing your Values, Ignoring your Strengths and Focusing on Growth, Validating Relationships, Engaging Organizational Strategies, Reasoning and Analysis to Make Decision and Self Care and has demonstrated over and over again how she, and the people that she has coached, mentored and trained, over the past 12 years have used these principles to get and keep the educational leadership positions of their dreams.

Donna Marie is now ready to offer this system to other educational leaders who are passionate and have a fire in their belly for this work. Those who have worked with Dr.

Cozine have commented that “I would not be where I am now without her coaching.” “Working with Donna Marie helped me understand where I needed to focus my personal growth so that I could become a leader others trusted and willingly follow.”

As educational leaders level up their positions they are also leveling up their responsibilities and compensation. In the field of education, as a leader levels up, so does their salary. With each level ascended the salary increases from 30K-50K. If you truly want to get the next, right position for you, it is in your and your family’s best interest to get there as quickly as possible. If it takes you three years to get there you are losing 90k-150k earning potential. 

Now, today, is the time to take action. Click here for an appointment to make sure that enrollment in the Leadership DRIVERS System is the right move for you.



Education, Arts, and Not for Profit Consultant 

“Dr. Cozine takes a fresh look at time-honored leadership approaches and provides thought-provoking questions, personal experiences, and activities to use as a road map toward a successful career as a school leader. ”

Experience You Can Count On

  • Inventor of the DRIVERS method of value-based, transformational leadership
  • Founder and CEO of Renaissance Academy Charter School of the Arts in Rochester, NY
  • Experience teaching students from pre-k to master’s level
  • Demonstrated lifetime devotion to the education of children and the leadership of others
  • Doctorate in Educational Administration and Supervision from St. John’s University
  • Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Social Science from Pace University
  • Master’s of Arts degree in Social Studies Education from Fordham University

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Fairport, NY |  Tel: 845-826-4586

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